Many of the products for BACKGROUND are created by hand, particularly accessories. These products start as a sketch and are developed into the final product. The shoulder bags use different materials and linings which are initially sourced to be cut and sewn together.


Chinoiserie Baguette Bag & Side Bag

Here are two examples of bags created by James. These bags were inspired by 'chinoiserie' which is a decorative style in Western art inspired by Chinese motifs. The bags were cut and sewn together from scratch. Features included metal adjustable hardware, zips and a fading blue colour scheme.


Handmade Tote Bags

The handmade tote bags consist of a large compartment for all your essentials, and two straps which were double folded and stitched for extra strength and durability. With the tote bags, James has experimented with different colours and materials to match the seasons and fashion aesthetics.  

Handmade Shoulder Bags

The perfect accessory for any outfit. The shoulder bag was created using heavy duty black canvas and premium satin, lined on the inside with all edges finished and binded. The bags were complimented with a mixture of hardware which was adjustable for everyone. To see the full making process head over to YouTube.